Islamic Education, Youth Leadership Program & Religious Study for Boys Ages 12-15

Miraaj Academy prepares its students for community stewardship roles by providing ample opportunities to participate in seminars, masjid activities and summits connecting like minded youth through community service.




Miraaj Academy offers a one of a kind Islamic literacy program to young Muslims to help them navigate through the daily challenges of growing up in Western societies.




Join a group of dedicated, focused students who are interested in learning Islam and putting their faith into action through servant leadership.




No young Muslim should undertake their journey of faith alone. By making a small, monetary donation, you are actively contributing to the continuous legacy of Islam in America. Allah.




Community service is what we call putting “Faith into Action,” and it’s an important and welcomed part of the student’s life at the Academy. Students are actively working to make a difference in the Memphis community.


Miraaj Academy recognizes our children is one of the most valued blessings fro m Allah.  Therefore it is important our students learn about their faith in an engaging environment that reflects their culture and fosters a healthy spiritual identity.

Our purpose is to provide a nurturing, spiritual environment to build their relationship with Allah, learn about the Prophet Muhammad, and understand the relevance of Islam in addressing challenges of growing up Muslim in a western society.

Timeless Knowledge for a New Generation

We achieve our vision by providing young people with a strong spiritual and educational experience guided by highly-regarded Islamic scholars to foster faith, identity, and commitment to service. In turn, we encourage our students to implement what they have learned by teaching and guiding others so their communities can Insha Allah benefit from their achievements.

Miraaj Academy and its Yarrow Mamout Leadership program puts its Mission and Vision into action by setting and achieving the following goals:

  • Provide Muslim American youth with a rigorous education program based on traditional Islamic knowledge, emotional intelligence and community service.

  • Develop a new generation of locally-trained and grassroots-focused Islamic leadership.

  • Build bridges between Muslim and non-Muslim communities at the local, state, national and international levels.

Applying to the Miraaj Academy

One of the challenges facing students, parents and our communities is finding a holistic Islamic literacy program based on authentic sacred knowledge that fully engages Muslim Youth.

Join us on this journey to create a learning environment that brings out the best in our students, families and communities!


No young Muslim should undertake his journey of faith alone. By making a small, monetary donation, you are actively sponsoring the next generation of Muslim leaders through religious education,community service, and youth leadership, Insha Allah.

Please consider this opportunity to help bring a traditional Islamic education and youth leadership training to young Muslims who are looking to ascend in their relationship with Allah.

“My goals were to memorize Quran, further my studies in FIQH, Aqeedah and Arabic and Al Hamdulillah we are doing that here at Miraaj Academy”

Zahid C - Student

“ The one thing that changed since coming to Miraaj is my character, … Miraaj puts you through things that change your character for the better. The brotherhood strengthens when you study together ”

Zahid C - Student

“ There are not a lot of places in the world like this, many people go overseas to get this but it is right here in America. Miraaj is a life changer”

Ahmed T. Cohort 2023